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Marine equipment for monitoring and control of heating, cooling and ventilation systems

  • Controlere electronice
  • Sisteme de reglaj automate
  • Sisteme de reglaj pneumatice
  • Valvule de reglaj automate

Clorius Controls ensures reliable control of heating, cooling and ventilation systems for the marine sector.

Clorius Controls A/S
Tempovej 27
DK-2750 Ballerup
Tel : +45 77 32 31 30
Fax : +45 77 32 31 31

Clorius Controls specializes in the development and production of marine equipment for monitoring, controlling and regulating heating, cooling and ventilation.
The product range consists of Clorius control valves, self-acting controls – thermostats, pneumatic controls, electronic controllers, temperature sensors and valve motors.

Through more than 100 years we have developed our knowledge about monitoring, controlling and regulating heat and ventilation.
The products and the technology have gone through a dynamic development, and we offer an up-to-date product range to match today’s requirements regarding advanced technology, user-friendliness and reliability.

Our quality control system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

We deliver equipment for shipyards and shipping companies all over the world.
Our equipment is constructed to comply with the high requirements from the maritime industry, and Clorius Controls is well known for its ability to match the demands for certification and quality control. Secure delivery and reliable co-operators are important factors when you want to keep a ship running all year.

We offer checkups, analysis, error detection and instructions for control equipment.
We are ready for fast turn-out when emergencies occur.

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