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Oil Spill Response Equipment

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DESMI is specialized in Oil Spill Response Equipment for Mechanical Recovery of Spills on water.

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DK-9400 Nørresundby
Phone: +45 9632 8111
Fax: +45 9817 5499

DESMI is the original supplier of Oil Spill Response Equipment.
As we have been in this specialized market for over 30 years and we know the needs as well as the requirement for durability and versatility. As a supplier of Proven Oil Spill Technology we always ensure that our equipment is state-of-the-art with regard to design and workmanship.

DESMI is specialized in Oil Spill Response Equipment for Mechanical Recovery of Spills on water.
Our equipment range covers everything from small booms to specialized vessels. In between we have the Ro-Boom and DOP Pumps which are still the benchmarks for all other suppliers of our type of equipment. Even though Ro-Boom and DOP pumps have been produced for over 30 years they are always the best in each and every comparative test. We are also a World leading supplier when it comes to equipment for Onshore spills as well as equipment for Chemical Oil Spill Response.

Test us!! You will see that DESMI never let a customer down.
Designing and selling equipment which may be stored for more than 15 years without being in real use and then be able to operate immediately in case of an Oil Spill Incident is a great challenge for any supplier. DESMI Ro-Clean can do it!

Mission Statement
DRC shall at all times among customers, suppliers, share- and stakeholders as well as the public at large appear as a SPECIALIST IN SOLUTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT AND SAFEGUARDING OF OUR ENVIRONMENT. In everything we do, we maintain a goal of LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIPS with our business partners – a foundation building on dialogue, understanding and trust as well as professional execution of deliveries, projects and agreements.

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